The InfiVisible Launch

SpeaksForUs provides social campaigners with the ability to raise funds for their cause using targeted crowdsourced ecommerce.

Targeted crowdsourced ecommerce allows campaigners to create wishlists of goods such as branded merchandise like t-shirts, posters, face caps, and mugs that they can utilize to run the campaign.

These wishlists are then sent to their sponsors and supporters, so that they can financially support the campaign, by purchasing goods and services from the list for the campaigner, while knowing exactly how their financial support was used.

For organizations or individual campaigners that do not have an internet presence, SpeaksForUs also provides free social media equipped websites that provide online tools to allow full engagement in advocacy issues. All the goods in the SpeaksForUs shop are locally sourced, thereby providing trade to local businesses employing local people. Local businesses can sign up to become vendors, using the online registration process that takes just a few minutes.

Mr Ade Atobatele, of Gboza Gbosa Technology Limited, said “we are launching SpeaksForUs during the 2015 political season to assist the almost 10,000 aspirants like Jimi Agbaje, Gen. Buhari, Jonathan Goodluck, and others from the grassroots to the federal level raise funds for their forthcoming campaigns”.

“This is necessary for times like this…Giving equal opportunities to every party to reach the public” – Biola Agbaje, the wife of the Lagos state gubernatorial aspirant, Jimi Agbaje.

Bisi Alaka currently running for senate in Oyo central under Accord party, he was so impressed with SpeaksForUs that he immediately signed on.

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